About this training course

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe natural variations in the human brain. One in five people are neurodivergent, meaning their brain functions differently in one or more ways than is considered ‘standard or typical’.

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term for several neurotypes including Dyslexia, Autism, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Delivery: Virtual / In-person

Duration: 60 minutes


Gaining a better awareness and understanding of neurodiversity can help everyone to promote inclusivity within their organisation, and to embrace differences in brain function as a natural feature of any workplace population.

Using a combination of latest research, case studies and up-to-date language, this training is designed to provide attendees with a beneficial level of understanding of neurodiversity, so that everyone is empowered and supported to reach their full potential at work.


Learning outcomes

  • A clear understanding of what neurodiversity is
  • Insights into the 'Neurodiversity Paradigm' and the importance of language
  • Understanding why neurodiversity matters and the potential of different neurodivergent thinking styles
  • Knowledge of common challenges faced by people who are neurodivergent 
  • Practical ways and suggestions to create increased inclusion for neurodivergent employees

Who should attend? 

This training is designed to help everyone to foster a culture of inclusion, to broaden perspectives around neurodiversity, and to encourage engagement, understanding and acceptance of neurodivergence within your organisation. 


Training content 

Slide deck with video content. Interactive content using polls, quizzes and chat function.

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