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Cultural Transformation in Manufacturing

The trusted culture tracking platform that provides the most comprehensive data, insights and analysis for understanding your employees and their experience.

Attract and retain the best talent, and allow employees to thrive.

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Unrivalled Data Collection

inclusio streamlines diversity and culture data collection, identifies gaps, and measures key cultural sub-dimensions. We monitor your progress against public sector benchmarks


Benchmark performance in manufacturing 

Most comprehensive and reliable data

Gather protected characteristic data

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Enhance Employee Knowledge

Our gamified platform nurtures inclusivity and workplace culture learning at your convenience. Created by our people science experts, it offers interactive articles, polls, videos, and quizzes to engage and educate manufacturing employees.


Foster new ways of thinking and behaving

Certified training courses 

Boost employee engagement rates 

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Unlock Potential with People Science 

inclusio's People Science Team, including organizational psychologists and DEI experts, conducts an independent analysis of your employee data. We guide you in collecting essential data for workforce insights and impactful organisational changes.

Leverage DEI and culture experts 

Proven science-based model

Pinpoint key areas to impact performance


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In Our Customers' Words.

“The platform is unique and ground breaking, there is nothing else out there like it. It is people-centric and gives our employees a voice. It educates employees on D&I, helps us achieve our strategic objectives, and gives us a benchmark of how we are performing on a local, global, and sector level”

Anthony Kelly Head of Communications, Culture and Capability at RSA

“inclusio has provided an invaluable solution. The way the information was delivered back to us was a game-changer and beyond our expectations. The insights enabled us to simply ad effectively report on EDI to our internal and external stakeholders. It is a tool the company can't go without.”

Anne Rush Global Director, People and Org Development at Linesight

"The implementation of inclusio platform was a fast process. All told it was less than 4 weeks and we could easily view rich DEI data, it didn't involve a lot of involvement from internal resources to get it launched which was really beneficial to us."

Shelley Waldron Head of Operations at FBD Inurance

“We wanted to identify staff’s lived experience in the organisation, it really became a much deeper experience. The platform has assisted Teagsc to know who our staff really are, what their experience in the organisation has been, and target areas for improvement”

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Della Hunter Data Protection Officer at Teagasc

Why DEI is Crucial in the Manufacturing Sector

In the manufacturing sector, a strong culture of diversity and inclusion fuels innovation, enhances safety, attracts and retains top talent and drives cost efficiency in productivity. It's the cornerstone of industry excellence and responsible practices and will contribute to sustainable businesses and long term growth. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do manufacturing companies collect protected characteristic data from employees?

Manufacturing companies must handle employee-protected characteristic data with care, ensuring compliance with data protection laws like the GDPR. inclusio, with its expert team and best practice process, collects 100+ data points to provide comprehensive diversity insights for a better understanding of employee identities and cultural perspectives.

Q2. What is a DEI and culture platform, and how does it work?

inclusio, a DEI and culture platform, is a powerful tool for organizations to collect, analyze, and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion data in their workplace, with a profound impact on their culture. Developed through four years of academic research, inclusio uses AI, nudge theory, micro inputs, and a unique scientific framework to quantify previously unmeasurable DEI aspects within companies. This efficiency provides the most comprehensive and reliable culture data, expediting cultural transformation like no other solution.

Q3. Why is culture, diversity and inclusion important in the manufacturing sector?

Culture, diversity, and inclusion are vital in manufacturing for innovation, talent attraction, market responsiveness, efficiency, legal compliance, community relations, supply chain effectiveness, ethics, safety, and sustainability. They underpin industry success and responsible practices.