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Leading Inclusively​ Training 


Inclusive leaders promote diversity and inclusion by making sure that everyone is heard, respected, and valued. Leaders with these skills are an asset to an organisation and are proven to be instrumental in creating higher-performing teams and more successful organisations.  ​

This training is an in-person interactive training that covers the importance of inclusive leadership, its core components, and the value of leading inclusively to create a positive organisational culture for all. Through practical and actionable takeaways, and interactive breakout and group discussions, the attendees will collaborate and refine their own individual and collective leadership skills. 



The objective of this learning series is to provide leaders with tools and practical tips to be their best selves, and in turn create inclusive practices in their organisation as a leadership group. Attendees will learn the principals of inclusive leadership, the cost of disregarding the importance of inclusion and inclusive behaviours, as well as how to embed inclusive leadership at every level of the organisation. 

Topics covered include unconscious bias, psychological safety and trust, empathy, self-reflection, leading others, communicating effectively, organisational leadership, creating an inclusive culture, and much more. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • A clear understanding of the components of inclusive leadership and the skills required to lead inclusively
  • An understanding of the significance of culture and values in an organisation
  • Insight and reflections for leading ​self, leading relationships, and leading ​culture within the workplace
  • Understanding the ways in which ​communication styles and approaches ​can impact effective leadership
  • Awareness of the definitions of ​unconscious bias, psychological safety and ​trust, and the significance of these ​concepts for being an inclusive leader
  • Insights into the many ways that ​unconscious bias impacts decisions and ​affects outcomes​
  • An understanding of how to effectively use inclusive language
  • An understanding of how to create inclusion in a hybrid digital world
  • Clear insights into the importance, impact, and benefits of effective and ​empathic listening
  • A clear understanding of how organisational citizenship impacts engagement
  • Insights from best practice case studies
  • Direct experience and focused reflection through breakout groups

Who should attend? 

This training is designed to help senior leaders, senior leadership teams, and board-level executives learn how to foster a culture of participation, broaden perspectives, and to encourage engagement to create a positive culture within the organisation.  


Training content 

Slide deck, interaction with video, polls and chat function.


Delivery: Virtual
Duration: 60 minutes

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