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Inclusive Hiring & Unconscious Bias Training


This training provides an overall understanding of inclusive hiring and unconscious bias.  Attendees will gain the foundational knowledge needed to attract diverse talent and embed inclusive behaviours to increase innovation, productivity, diverse thinking, and ultimately create better business outcomes. ​

​Leaders will learn how to recognise their own unconscious bias, understand how it can positively impact their decision making, and how they can take action to embed inclusive leadership practices. An in-depth explanation of hiring biases and practical tips, through the use of inclusive language and behaviours will be included, along with the opportunity to gain a better awareness and understanding of universal design and strategies to attract diverse talent.  



To gain a better awareness and understanding of our unconscious biases as the first step to better, more inclusive behaviours. Using a combination of the latest research, relevant case studies and discussion, this training is designed to help people recognise their own unconscious bias, understand how it may impact decision making and take action to change their approach.


Learning outcomes: 

  • An understanding of universal designand its application in the hiring process
  • Practical knowledge of how to attract diverse candidates
  • A clear understanding of whatunconscious bias is
  • Reflection on personal biases and understanding common biases
  • Understanding the various ways that unconscious bias impacts decisions, affects outcomes, and in particular, during the hiring process
  • An understanding of how to effectivelyuse inclusive language

Who should attend? 

This training is designed to help board members, senior leaders, hiring managers, talent acquisition, and HR managers embed inclusive hiring processes at the start of the employee lifecycle in order to build diverse and inclusive teams. 


Training content 

Slide deck with video content, and interactive content using polls, quizzes, Q&A and chat functions. 


Delivery: Virtual or In-person
Duration: 90 minutes

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