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About this training course

This course helps organisations gain a better awareness of unconscious bias and is CPD certified 

Team members gain a better awareness and understanding of unconscious bias in all its forms, as well as learn how to role model inclusive behaviours in the workplace.   

Delivery: Virtual 

Duration: 60 minutes



This course will give an overview of how to start out on establishing an Employee Resource Group or a network of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) champions within your organisation.  

Attendees will learn about the purpose of having an ERG, the structural requirements, roles and responsibilities, as well as how to build an action plan to deliver your ERG goals. 


To gain a better awareness and understanding of our unconscious biases is the first step to better, more inclusive behaviours. Using a combination of the latest research, relevant case studies and discussion, this training is designed to help people recognise their own unconscious bias, understand how it may impact decision making and take action to change their approach.  

Learning outcomes

  1. A clear understanding of what unconscious bias is. 
  2. Reflection on personal biases and understanding common biases.  
  3. Understanding the various ways that unconscious bias impacts decisions and affects outcomes.  
  4. Examining our own behaviour and bias triggers and how they manifest through language or behaviours.  
  5. Understanding the conscious choices we can make to mitigate bias for ourselves, our teams and our organisation. 

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for everyone within the organisation, as we all have biases that determine how we interact with others. It may be preferable for managers to attend a separate session, for reasons of confidentiality.  


Training content 

Slide deck with video content, and interactive content using breakout groups, polls, quizzes and chat functions. 


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