FBD Insurance has grown into the largest Irish-owned insurer with nearly 500,000 customers. It has offices in 35 locations nationwide in Ireland. 




918 Employees

inclusio Platform

FBD goes from zero DEI data to gathering rich insights in 4 weeks with inclusio

Notable wins for FBD



of employees at FBD participated in the inclusio DEI Platform



hours of DEI training and learning was undertaken by employees at FBD 



data points gathered on its employee diversity profile and culture of inclusion

Notable Wins for FBD

75.5 %

of people in FBD engaged in the DEI platform.

30 %

of people self identify as neurodiverse​.

21 %



FBD wanted to come up with a meaningful DEI strategy that was relevant and would resonate with their people. They lacked DEI data and without this, a clear direction on how and where to begin. Following a period of research, in 2020 FBD turned to inclusio to support the collection of DEI baseline data.  FBD really wanted to start its journey on the right foot. To do this, they needed to understand people’s experiences of the culture of inclusion at FBD.  

The challenge

"A big challenge was that we had 918 employees scattered across 35 locations. We needed to find an approach that could efficiently reach and engage with our workforce. Being inclusive and ensuring nobody was left out was really important to us", recalls FBD's Head of Operations, Shelly Waldron. Furthermore, HR Business Partner Emer O'Donovan, outlines that "it was new ground for the company as we were unsure of what level of DEI data we needed to collect. Furthermore, given the sensitive nature of people’s personal information, we had to ensure people understood the confidentiality of the process and would be comfortable sharing. So it was imperative to effectively communicate our DEI inclusio initiative, to build awareness and educate our people."  

“The implementation of inclusio platform was a fast process. All told it was less than 4 weeks and we could easily view rich DEI data, it didn't involve a lot of involvement from internal resources to get it launched which was really beneficial to us.”
– Head of Operations, Shelley Waldron, FBD Insurance

How inclusio supported FBD Insurance 

  • Provided employees with a safe and confidential way to self-identify on diversity demographics and to input and feedback on company culture. 

  • Advised the team in FBD Insurance on building a strong programme of internal communication content to enhance buy-in and engagement 

  • Enhanced employee DEI knowledge via bite-sized learning taking just a few minutes each day. Employees engaged in 60 minutes of D&I foundational learning over two separate 15-day periods. 

  • Provided a cohesive framework for reporting to CBI. This included: 1) a rich demographic profile of the organisation broken into 100+ different data points and 2) a scientific measure of inclusion sentiment across 5 key metrics. 

  • inclusio’s People Science Team experts presented the insights and DEI performance metrics to FBD leadership teams, making recommendations on DEI actions and advising on a communications strategy for employees. 

The way in which the application works and collects data from employees doesn’t feel invasive at all. For a period of 3 weeks, we ran the application and for 5 minutes each morning, all employees were promoted to go into the app and answer short questions, watch videos, and read an article. It was important to us that no one would be left out". 

– Chief Human Resources Officer, Carolyn O'Hara, FBD Insurance


Raise DEI awareness with staff

176 hours of DEI training and learning was undertaken by employees at FBD.  Carolyn O'Hara, Chief Human Resources Officer at FBD Insurance, stated that inclusio " had a dual purpose for us, collect data and educate our employees on topics around D&I. It was great to hear people chatting in the office about the video they had watched that morning. It started a conversation among staff that might not have started naturally.  People were interested to learn more. As a result, we publish quarterly newsletters to celebrate diversity, showcase our metrics and further educate our employees".  

Carolyn further outlined that FBD "developed a D&I Hub on Sharepoint. They can watch videos, read articles and engage with fun quizzes on D&I topics. ​We also created an e-learning module on 'Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace’.  This is mandatory for all people leaders and we are currently working on an all employee e-learning module to roll out in 2023".  - Chief Human Resources Officer at FBD Insurance, Carolyn O'Hara


Report to regulators

"The inclusio platform provided us with a cohesive framework for reporting to the CBI. This included a rich demographic profile of the organisation broken into over 100 different data points as well as a scientific measure of inclusion sentiment across 5 key metrics".

"We learned that FBD is a diverse organisation, with over 19 different nationalities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people who are neuro diverse and diverse generations".  - Emer O’Donovan, HR Business Partner, FBD Insurance

Through the rich insights gathered, FBD were able to see exactly the areas where they were strong and performing well. Emer Donovan recalls that “we were delighted to see strong levels of belonging, inclusivity, and trust. In addition, we also could pinpoint areas where we needed to improve and act and allocate resources for training to key areas of the business such as pay transparency sentiment data to link in with our Gender Pay Gap Reporting in 2022.”


Measure and track DEI performance 

"The data piece is fantastic, we were able to gather an abundance of DEI data in a very non-intrusive way which is very important. Some of the topics I hadn’t even considered. The engagement rate was high the first time and it improved even further the second time. People became more comfortable and confident, they knew it was confidential. They felt it was a safe space to share information and engage freely".  - Emer O’Donovan, HR Business Partner at FBD Insurance

"The data showed that 11.1% of employees felt marginalised and isolated since Covid. They expressed an interest in being part of a group so we took action and established two ERGs in 2022, a mental health advocacy group and an LGBTQ+ group. We are in the process of establishing a wellbeing working group for 2023". - Carolyn O'Hara, Chief Human Resources officer.

"The platform has given us huge learnings and we know now where we need to improve.  We can now pinpoint the needs and wants of our different demographics, and we've also been able to tailor our events, content, and communications. Before inclusio, we didn't have that level of awareness and understanding. It has really supported our cultural change over the last 2 years"- Carolyn O'Hara, Chief Human Resources officer.

FBD gained the following results:

  • 80% of employees feel FBD is an inclusive working environment​
  • 80% of employees trust FBD​
  • 80% of employees feel they can bring their true selves to work​
  • 80% of employees feel that there is a positive culture climate at FBD​
  • 75% of employees feel positive sentiment towards FBD



Would FBD recommend inclusio?

“Most certainly yes I’d recommend inclusio,” says Emer O'Donovan at FBD Insurance. “We’ve referred a few insurance companies already through the VOiCE for Insurance program, and we’ll continue to do so. Being able to measure the effectiveness of what we do in DEI and its impact on the business has ensured we can make educated guesses and attributed spend where it needs to go. With inclusio we’ve achieved that. Their turnaround time to capture such rich data was incredible, the learning and training piece has really helped build awareness amongst our staff, and the advisory support in DEI has been great. They’ve done a terrific job and added a lot of value throughout our DEI strategy.” 

"The next level now for FBD is the ability for us to benchmark not only locally and globally but now to a sector level within the insurance industry with VOiCE for Insurance."