Upskill Your Workforce: inclusio Learning Labs & Gender Balance at Work

March was a busy month as organisations recognised International Women’s Day with the theme of Inspire Inclusion. In recognition, inclusio published a blog on Beyond the Numbers: Gender and the Work-Life Balance Challenge. Read how work and life balance is experienced differently for men and women with caring responsibilities.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it's accepted that employees need to grow and develop their skills. However, research by Natwest Bank shows that 40% of employees only engage in L&D that is pushed to them.

How can we help employees understand the importance of upskilling?

This month we launched inclusio Learning Labs. Our mission is to equip employees with the knowledge and skills to thrive in work and deliver a better experience for your customers.

The Learning Labs encourages your people to invest in themselves with an experience designed to unlock potential. Get access to a vast catalogue of bite sized, certified learning, where employees can learn anywhere in the world from any device.

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- Sandra Healy, CEO & Founder

Gender And Work-Life Balance

In partnership with Ulster University Business School, the team assessed three years of inclusio scientific data on organisational culture, revealing that after becoming fathers, men see a slight enhancement in their work-life balance with a 1% increase.  Conversely, women experience a decline of 6% in work-life balance after becoming mothers.

The gender gap widens even further for those caring for dependent adults, with men experiencing a slight improvement of 1.6% and women facing a substantial decline of 8.4%.

These findings underscore the need for organisations in Ireland to address gender specific challenges and promote a more equitable and inclusive workplace environment. By implementing targeted strategies that support working parents, particularly women, employers can achieve greater gender equality at work and improve well-being for all caregivers.



- Barry, D (2024) 'Gender and Work-Live Balance, inclusio insights, 5th March 2024.

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inclusio Learning Labs

We are delighted to launch inclusio's Learning Labs!

These exciting new programmes are designed to guide, motivate and develop organisations and their people. They are developed and delivered by recognised experts in their field, with a combined expertise of 50+ years in organisational psychology, culture, diversity, equity and inclusion.


Learning Labs empowers your employees with engaging, on-the-go learning. Accessible from any device and location, Learning Labs is perfect for both in-office and remote teams and is ideal for branch workers, contact centres and distributed workforces.

  • Elevate your Culture with expert knowledge in DEI
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Learning Labs Digital Hub

Flexible and Convenient

  • On-demand access to high-quality learning resources, allowing people to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic and Engaging Content

  • Dynamic, interactive and multimedia-rich content designed to captivate attention and make learning enjoyable and memorable.

Track Progress

  • Analytics and reporting tools enable you to track progress and quantify the impact of your learning investment.

Certification, Badges & Learning Paths

  • People achieve certifications, digital badges, and celebrate milestones as they learn.


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