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VOiCE is an industry-led collaboration to create sectoral DEI benchmarking. The technology partner is inclusio, backed by four years of academic research, and is leading the way to provide sector and global benchmarking to help companies measure their progress and impact.   The most successful organisations are aligning their DEI strategy across each of the ESG pillars to promote exponential outcomes. This approach ensures organisations are better equipped to understand their people, allow them to thrive, and create better business outcomes. Many organisations have good intentions to make real progress in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), and ESG reporting. However, they struggle to gather rich employee demographic data, measure culture and prove progress.  inclusio provides independent scientific data to help companies respond to ESG reporting requirements, Annual Reporting demands, pay gap reporting challenges, and regulator Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion compliance reporting. They are helping organisations measure, track and demonstrate DEI progress; and significantly this is captured through the voice of their people.  

VOiCE for Insurance

VOiCE for Insurance is led by inclusio, CIRDAS*, and the Ireland South-East Financial Services Cluster (ISEFSC)**. The partners have collaborated to develop a completely new framework and certification process for Culture, DEI for the insurance sector and financial services which is based on the real experience of individual employees, captured in a completely confidential manner. The goal is to provide a blueprint for understanding Culture, DEI in the workplace to provide the foundation for developing inclusive cultures. Currently, five founding partners have joined the initiative- RSA Insurance Ireland, 123.ie and Intact Insurance; FBD Insurance; New Ireland Assurance; IPB Insurance; and Irish Life. Following today’s launch event, the project aims to include 10 Founding Partners, and more participating institutions

Our mission is to lead and serve the insurance industry throughout this initiative to deliver a blueprint for the sector to track, measure and evidence progress on DEI and culture within their own organisations and against industry benchmarks.

Sandra Healy, inclusio CEO

The initiative will deliver

DEI sector benchmarks

Enabling companies to track, action and report on culture and DEI

DEI maturity model for mapping progress

To help companies get started and chart their DEI progress

DEI certification pathway

For companies to demonstrate and be recognized for their commitment to DEI

In our partners' words.

VOiCE for Insurance is unique and groundbreaking, there is nothing else out there like it. It is people-centric and gives our employees a voice. It educates employees on D&I, helps us achieve our strategic objectives, and gives us a benchmark of how we are performing on a local, global, and sector level”

Anthony Kelly Head of Communications, Culture and Capability at RSA

“We have been working with inclusio for the last two years now. VOiCE is the next step for us, where we can benchmark against the industry and give us way more diversity, equity and inclusion insights and more to aspire towards going forward”

Carolyn O'Hara Chief Human Resources Officer at FBD Insurance
ipb insurance
FBD insurance
Irish Life
new ireland Assurance
RSA Insurance Group
Intact insurance

Current Founding Partners

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