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About this training course

This course helps organisations to start on their Employee Resource Group (ERG) journey and create DEI Champions. 

ERGs – also known as Business Resource Groups (BRGs) – are highly valued and respected networks that provide inclusive and psychologically safe spaces for employees and leaders to be their true selves in the workplace.    

Delivery: Virtual 

Duration: 90 minutes



To gain insights and best practices on how to set up an Employee Resource Group (ERG) within your organisation. 


To gain a better awareness and understanding of our unconscious biases is the first step to better, more inclusive behaviours. Using a combination of the latest research, relevant case studies and discussion, this training is designed to help people recognise their own unconscious bias, understand how it may impact decision making and take action to change their approach.  

Learning outcomes

  • A clear understanding of what Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are 
  • A clear outline of the roles and responsibilities within the group 
  • How to identify an executive sponsor to play a key role in the success of the group 
  • Establishing your Mission, Purpose, and Vision   
  • Deciding your committee structure   
  • How to host your first meeting   
  • Event planning   
  • Dos & Don'ts   
  • Tools to measure your success  
  • Telling your story 

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for those looking to champion DEI initiatives within an organisation to create safe spaces for employees from all backgrounds. 


Training content 

Slide deck with a toolkit filled with templates and resources to guide you in setting up your ERG. 


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