Cloud platform

inclusio’s cloud platform

inclusio delivers a science-based, data-led diversity and inclusion platform that combines technology, psychology, and Artificial Intelligence to measure, track, and action D&I across the organisation.


inclusio delivers a scientific, evidence-based approach to diversity and inclusion. The platform combines technology, psychology, and Artificial Intelligence, enabling organisations to measure, action and track diversity and inclusion performance.

Powered by ethical Artificial Intelligence

At inclusio, we take our responsibility seriously to ensure our AI is ethical, transparent, and used for good. 

The foundation of our ethical AI is built on 4 guiding principles:

As AI becomes an increasing part of our daily lives, we need to be able to understand AI-based systems and trusting all manner of decision making and predictions is paramount. At inclusio, we are transparent about our AI systems and ensure human users will be able to understand and trust decisions.

By AI fairness we mean the equitable treatment of individuals, or groups of individuals, by an AI system without favouritism or discrimination. At inclusio, we ensure predictions are calibrated for each group, resulting in fairer choices, countering human biases, and promoting inclusivity.


For AI to be ethical, it must not depend solely on automated processes. At inclusio, we define additional touchpoints where humans are involved in validating predictions or decisions from the AI and where relevant, provide corrections.

It is critical that AI systems are capable of processing data inputs while also respecting users’ privacy. At inclusio, encryption is applied on all communications maintaining the security and authenticity of data. In addition, data is aggregated ensuring the privacy of individuals are protected and at all times.

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An engaging user experience

inclusio provides a highly engaging user experience through personalised and gamified nudge learning in a safe environment independent of HR or internal data systems. Users build their own profiles and contribute their experiences anonymously.

In line with our commitment to make workplaces fair and transparent for everyone, our expert team have led the way in researching, developing and testing accessibility for all abilities on our platform. From content and code development to the user interface, we ensure our teams are adopting and setting best practice in accessible UX.

Powerful diagnostics

inclusio’s platform provides in depth analysis of data gathered. Scientific metrics report your culture of inclusion. Deep demographic insights give a profile of the breadth and layers of diversity in your organisation. D&I gap analysis ensures you get a relevant and clear picture to guide action planning and next steps.

We also deliver comparative insights and intersectional reporting, to provide deeper insights to better understand employee experiences and guide specific interventions, and to measure and track progress over time.

Data privacy and security

inclusio’s platform has ‘privacy by design’ built in. We ensure your data is 100% secure and private. We make it easy for your organisation to comply with GDPR and equality law related to personal data collection. 

We take the security of every individuals’ information very seriously. We commit to protect your data, taking the steps required to safeguard and secure any data we hold.

Our information security management system is aligned with the ISO 27001 framework, and adheres to secure development practices, procedures, policies, and training.